Miguel Arucan

I always find myself enjoying more on the creative side. I find it interesting in the many ways I can communicate to others, not just by words. Those who design, podcast, "vlog" inspire me as well. For instance, I have a YouTube channel that I put on the side. On my free time, I try to "vlog," which is essentially just a blog post formed in video form. I like to not only inform but to also entertain my audience. Add me on Facebook!

Perla Gomez Silva

I am currently senior at the Reynolds School of Journalism with a photography minor. I feel like I am very curious and ambitious and that is what makes me a great story teller. I love learning new/odd/important things and finding creative ways to get a story out there.

Holly Hutchings

A mom of three boys, I am used to chaotic scenarios and funny smells. I love my crazy life. I had my kids by the time I was 25. I thought being a good mom meant only being with them. Raising these awesome and trying people was my priority for more than a decade, and my education became a fading dream. Two years ago, I got cancer. I knew when I beat it, I’d make my life and passions come back into focus. My last chemo was 15 months ago. I will graduate next May with a journalism degree.

Ruben Kimmelman

I am a very well-rounded and passionate person. I used to identify with the derogatory saying "a jack of all trades, but a master of none," however, I no longer feel that learning should be a zero-sum activity. This change in perspective was, in part, a catalyst for my pursuit of a career in journalism because, I believe, with my diverse skill set and diverse interests and passions, I will always be able to find a job that excites me and that I excel in, and I will always be able to find a story.

Joey Lovato

I grew up in Reno and have a love for the outdoors and traveling. I lived around Europe for a short time right before I started college, and then last semester studied abroad in Australia. My passion is storytelling through podcasts, but I also enjoy playing guitar, hiking, video games, and keeping up to date on politics and the news. Other than my internship I work as a waiter part time. I’m also an Eagle Scout, and love meeting people. I would consider myself outgoing, friendly, and very open.

Jacob Solis

I’m a junior studying at the Reynolds School of Journalism. Originally from Henderson, Nevada, I’ve always been a news junkie and a writer at heart. Thus, it was a short leap to journalism when I arrived at the University of Nevada, Reno in the fall of 2014. Since then, I’ve honed my skills as a political journalist, traveling from Carson City to Washington, D.C. as student reporter. In my free time, I enjoy music, movies and a little bit of football in the fall.

Paolo Zialcita

I am a current sophomore at the University of Nevada, Reno. I am pursuing a dual major in journalism and sociology.  I was born in Austin, Texas, but spent most of my life in San Jose, California before moving to Reno for college. In my spare time, I am a runner, cinephile and cook. I am also addicted to traveling, my favorite place being London.